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you're kind of like Full Circle, Right?

This is the number one question we get asked. While we do offer produce boxes delivered to drop sites like Full Circle, unlike them, we focus on local, Alaska grown products. Full Circle sources little to no Alaskan products in their boxes. They are more of a grocery service than a local Farm Share.


Check out Our Farmers page to learn more about some of the local Alaskan farms we work with. 

What if I'll be out of town?


No problem! You can place a hold on your subscription any time for any length of time, with a weeks' notice. Placing a hold means you will not get a box or be charged anything for that week. You can easily schedule these in your account.

You are always welcome to have someone else pick your box up for you if you cannot make a delivery.

What if I forget to pick up my box?


Not to worry! All boxes are left at the pickup locations for at least one extra day. While we cannot guarantee product quality outside the designated pickup time, our pickup site partners do their best to put all forgotten orders into cold storage at the end of the day. So you can swing by the next day during their normal hours of operation and ask someone to grab your box for you. 


All unclaimed boxes will be donated to pickup site staff after 1 day. 

Can I choose what products go in my box? 

Yes! All of our shares are fully customizable! Prior to each delivery, you’ll have from 4:30pm Friday - 9pm Sunday to make changes to your share. You can add or remove products as needed to get the perfect mix of food for you and your family that week.


Products vary from week to week based on seasonality and availability. If you love the surprise of not knowing what is in your share, you can simply skip customizing and you'll get farmer’s choice! 

How do I order other farm products like meat, MILK & eggs?

All of our produce, meat, seafood, milk, eggs, and other grocery items will be listed on our online storefront each week. You can add any of these into your box during the customization period, from 4:30pm Friday - 9pm Sunday.

We also offer several of these as subscription share options, which ensure you get first dibs. You can add these subscriptions on at any time. 

We also offer turkeys for the holiday season which are available via pre-order in the fall.

What are your refund & cancellation policies?


With our new year-round Farm Share program, you can sign up or cancel any time, with one weeks' notice.  

We are committed to quality products. If you are ever unsatisfied with the quality of any of the products in your box or a replacement item you received, please let us know within 48 hours. We will be happy to provide you with a credit or refund for the value of that item. 

Are your products organic?

The short answer is, it's a mix. An estimated 50% of the produce in our Farm Shares is from organic farmers. All of the products we bring in from Washington are organic. And, while we try to source as much organic as possible locally in Alaska, there is simply not enough supply in the state to fulfill everything we need. We continue developing relationships with more & more small farmers to further increase that percentage.

That said, because we have fewer pests and no large mono-crop farms, even our "conventional" growers are often using fewer pesticides than conventional growers in the lower-48 and beyond (in some cases none). 


A note on organic: When we say organic, we mean farmers who are using eco-friendly growing methods--there are very few Alaska farmers that are actually "certified USDA organic." But our local organic growers, certified or not, are usually going above and beyond those regulations required by the USDA. 

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