you're kind of like Full Circle, Right?

This is the number one question we get asked. The answer is, kind of....but not really. We do offer produce boxes delivered to drop sites like Full Circle, but unlike them, we use 100% local, Alaska grown products. Full Circle sources little to no Alaskan products in their boxes. Being based out of Washington, many of their products may be "local" to them, but not to us. Some of their products don't even come from the United States. To us, local is a product grown or raised in Alaska. Check out Our Farmers page to learn more about some of the local Alaskan farms we work with. 

Do you offer delivery holds?


We have a new, more flexible hold policy this summer! We are now offering unlimited delivery holds which you can schedule yourself and get a full refund for. You can place up to three delivery holds on your account at a time by going to the "Delivery Hold" tab in your account and inserting the date ranges you would like to pause deliveries. You must place holds at least one week in advance. You will receive a refund via your original method of payment within 2 weeks of the hold date. 

You are always welcome to have someone else pick your box up for you if you cannot make a delivery.

What if I forget to pick up my box?


If you forget to pick up your box please contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to make arrangements to get it to you--they can often be picked up at our warehouse in Spenard. We usually don't pick up extra boxes until the following afternoon, but we do not guarantee the produce quality or that they will be there outside the designated pick-up hours.


All unclaimed boxes will be donated to Bean's Cafe or other good cause.

Can I choose what products go in my box? 

Yes! We are now offering fully customizable shares! Once you sign up for a share, you’ll be asked to rate all the produce we offer on a scale of “Not for me” to “I love it.” Your share will be built based on those preferences and what we have available in season at the time. Don’t like beets? Rate them a “not for me” and you won’t ever see them. Love carrots? Give them an “I love it” and we’ll try to get that to you every time they are available.

Prior to your delivery, you’ll also have a 24 hr window to swap out items if you want. Already have enough radishes this week? Just swap them out for something else we have available. 


And don’t worry, if you love the surprise of not knowing what is in your share, you can simply skip setting preferences and customizing and we’ll create a farmer’s choice share for you to pick up! 

How do I order other farm products like meat & eggs?

Our farm product add-on options include local eggs, honey, chicken, turkeys, pork, beef & yak. Depending on the item, these can be ordered either up front as subscriptions or as one-time purchases throughout the season.

Subscription: Eggs and meat can be added as a subscription, meaning you pay up front to get a regularly scheduled delivery of that product delivered with your produce boxes. Eggs tend to sell out quickly, so we recommend signing up for this option as early as possible. A meat share consists of a variety of meat delivered monthly. We offer turkey as a "subscription" during our winter season, which is essentially just a pre-order for one turkey delivery during the holidays. Read more about our egg and meat shares. You can choose these options when you initially sign up for your produce boxes. 

One time purchase: We have a few ala carte items, like some of our meat products and honey, that are offered as one time purchases. Order through our webstore within three days of the delivery date you would like to receive them. It can be reached by signing in to your account and clicking on the "Store" button.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

If you are unsatisfied with the quality of any of the products in your box, please let us know immediately. We will be happy to refund you for the value of that item or provide you with a replacement item in your next box if you let us know within two days. 


We encourage you to subscribe to our produce delivery with the intention of seasonal commitment, but ultimately we want you to be happy with your experience. If our produce boxes are just not working for you we will be happy to cancel your subscription at any time and refund you for any undelivered boxes. We require a one week notice for all cancellations. 

Are your products organic?

We source as much organic produce for our boxes as possible but aren't currently able to get 100% of the quantity and variety to meet our needs. An estimated 70% of our product is from organic farmers and we're continually working to increase that percentage.


When we say organic, we mean farmers who are using eco-friendly growing methods--there are very few Alaska farmers that are actually "certified USDA organic." But our local organic growers, certified or not, are usually going above and beyond those regulations required by the USDA. 


The reason its hard to source 100% organic locally is that most of the organic farmers in Alaska are quite small and can't grow the amount of any given product we need on their own. To get past this barrier, we continue developing relationships with more & more small farmers so we can source products from multiple farms in order to fulfill the quantities we need. 

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