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SPECIALIZING IN Alaska Grown Products

Our mission is to promote and increase accessibility to Alaska Grown products statewide. That is why always source Alaskan products first. Local food is fresher, more nutritious & more flavorful; it creates a means for economic growth within the state; and it increases our food security. It's our passion and that's why we are the only distributor so committed to local.

One Stop Ordering

A big reason so many chefs love working with us is they can order all the local products they need from one source. Other distributors may carry a few local products from select farms, but we work with over twenty farmers and have the widest selection of local produce, meat and grains in the state. We are constantly recruiting new farmers and products, and can often find specialty products for you that no one else can.

Freshest Possible Products

Most products are harvested to order and usually no more than a day or two out of the ground when you receive them. This means our products are far and away the highest quality out there, giving you great tasting ingredients to work with. Produce shipped up on a barge and then sitting in a warehouse can't even compete.

Your Farm Connection

We've worked hard to create strong relationships with our farmers and chefs, and have become a trusted go-between for the two. We consult with our chefs and plan with our farmers each winter for the upcoming season to help match opportunities in demand, with opportunities for supply. We also think it's important to cultivate mutual understanding between chefs and farmers directly. This is why we have starting organizing farm field trips as a way for these two key players in the local food system to get to know each other better. 

How to Order

We deliver Tuesdays and Fridays. We have an online ordering system where you can login to see products, which farms they come from, and quantity available each week. We can also take orders by email, phone, or text.


Contact us to set up an account, either using the form below, or call us at 907-202-7343.


Located outside of Anchorage? We're happy to make arrangements to get products to you, just ask!

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