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Hi, I'm Kyla!

​Born and raised in Alaska, I've been instilled with a healthy sense of independence. That's a big part of why I am so drawn to Alaska's food movement--to create self-sufficiency and resilience in our state. I first started becoming aware of where my food came from and realizing it was something I should care about, in college. I was soon hooked, and completed a B.S. in Environmental Studies, with a focus on local food systems and sustainable agriculture. I now grow, gather, preserve and prepare as much of my own food as possible, and they are some of the most rewarding things I do. My passion for food has lead me to work as a summer farm hand (more than once), Alaska Division of Agriculture intern, and grocery store produce stocker, to name a few. 

In 2014, I came to a dead-end looking for a fulfilling, long-term food job in Alaska. I pondered the option of moving somewhere with an already thriving local food scene, but as usual, a trip down to the lower 48 convinced me to come back home. Picking the brains of my foodie friends, we identified a missing key piece in Alaska's fledgling food system--distribution. It certainly didn't sound very sexy at first, but local chef Delicious Dave soon changed my mind.

Dave ran the farm-to-restaurant distribution service, Alaska Root Sellers, for about six years. It blossomed from the desire to share his passion for high quality, local produce with his fellow chefs. Still wanting to see the work continued, but not having the time to do so himself, he graciously offered his guidance and expertise as I endeavored to pick-up where he left off. It morphed into Arctic Harvest Deliveries and added the subscription produce boxes, but ultimately operates with the same passion he had that originally convinced  me this would be fulfilling work. And it really is. I feel grateful every day that this is the work I get to do.

Kyla Byers

Owner & Operator

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