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Arctic Harvest Deliveries offers 100% Alaska grown produce boxes. We have summer and winter seasonal subscriptions, with add-on options of meat, eggs & more. We work with over twenty local farms to provide a diverse variety of the freshest Alaskan produce in our boxes each week. Our farmers benefit because we pre-plan which products we will purchase for the season and they can focus on growing what they're good at, instead of everything. It also provides an alternative to selling at farmers markets for those farmers who want to spend more time doing what they love--farming! 

how it works

We sell our produce boxes on a seasonal subscription basis--summer & winter--with the option of weekly or every other week delivery. We use this seasonal subscription model because CSA is all about cultivating commitments between farmers to grow products and community members to purchase them. We hand choose which products go into the boxes each week to make sure you are getting the best quality and variety of produce available locally. We do not offer box customizations (yet...) and encourage our members to embrace seasonal eating and getting out of their food comfort zone!


With each box you will receive a list of the products, the farm they came from, and recipe ideas for added inspiration. Pick up your boxes at one of our drop sites around Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer, Wasilla, & Girdwood (read on for a list of pick up locations). We also offer 100% local meat shares and egg shares you can add on to your produce subscription. 


We know how much the average Alaskan travels, so we offer unlimited delivery holds, just be sure to give us at least one week's notice. You can check out all of our rules for holds, cancellations and more on our FAQs page.

WINTER subscription 2019
**Signups have closed**
every other week Delivery

Anchorage & Girdwood


October 23rd

November 6th

November 20th

December 4th

 December 18th

Palmer & Wasilla


October 24th

November 7th

November 21st

December 5th

 December 19th

5 boxes over 9 weeks

$197.50 ($39.50/box)*

*payment plans available

  • 100% Alaska Grown produce

  • Seven to eight products per box (see photos of sample boxes below)

  • Weekly recipe ideas

  • One subscription recommended for households of 2-3 people

  • Two subscriptions recommended for households of 4 or more, or those that would like more produce

Check out our subscription add-on options including Egg Shares, Meat Shares & Holiday Turkeys

​Winter produce


Our winter produce box subscriptions are available for every other week delivery only. There is less variety in the winter and we don't want you to get burned out on too many root vegetables; also we schedule delivery dates to avoid holidays. That said, there are still plenty of great local veggies to be had!


The anchor for our winter boxes are root & storage veggies: various varieties of potatoes, carrots, winter squash, onions, Brussels sprouts, turnips, beets, cabbage, rutabagas, etc. But you never get just a box of just roots. We always supplement with a combination of greens, herbs & sprouts from our indoor hydroponic growers such as spring mix, basil & sunflower shoots to name a few. While we try to vary the produce as much as we can, be prepared to get staples like carrots, potatoes & spring mix in most every box. If you're not into that we understand--just promise to check back in summer!   


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winter Pick Up Sites

49th State Brewing Co

717 W 3rd Ave


505 E Northern Lights Blvd


Hearth Artisan Pizza

1200 W Northern Lights Blvd, Ste F

ANTHC Diabetes Prevention Office

4001 Ambassador Dr

(PRIVATE-employees only)

Russian Jack Chalet

1600 Lidia Selkregg Ln

UAA, Conoco Phillips

Integrated Science Building

3101 Science Circle

Midnight Sun Brewing

8111 Dimond Hook Dr

South Restaurant

11124 Old Seward Hwy

Eagle River


11710 Business Blvd


Turkey Red

550 S Alaska St


Alaska Chicks Co

290 N. Yenlo St



148 Holmgrem Pl

​See map during sign-up to find the location nearest you!

Summer Subscription 2019
**signups have closed**
​Summer produce

We include as much variety in our produce boxes as possible, while still giving you plenty of staples from week to week. Most things you find at the farmers market, you will see at least once in your box--we might even surprise you!


July starts us off with lots of fresh greens like spring mix, arugula, chard and kale, bok choy, radishes, zucchini & cucumbers.


August has us moving into goodies like tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, peas & beans.


September we'll be in full swing with things like leeks, winter squash, onions, potatoes, beets & apples.


See below for produce box examples. Click the photo to see a list of products.

Want to learn more about what grows in Alaska?

Check out Our Produce page for a more detailed look at what products to expect when.

weekly Delivery

Week of July 1st - Sept 30th

14 boxes over 14 weeks 

$539 ($38.50/box)

  • 100% Alaska Grown produce

  • Seven to nine products per box​ (see photos of sample boxes below)

  • Weekly recipe ideas

  • Recommended for households of 4 or more

every other week Delivery

Week of July 1st - Sept 30th

7 boxes over 14 weeks

$276.50 ($39.50/box)

  • 100% Alaska Grown produce

  • Seven to nine products per box (see photos of sample boxes below)

  • Weekly recipe ideas

  • Recommended for households of 2-3 people


(Contains the same amount of produce as weekly boxes, just delivered less frequently)

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