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Arctic Harvest Deliveries connects Alaska grown food with local Alaskans. We are the only delivery service in the state that sources exclusively Alaskan produce, meat, eggs and other local farm products. Whether you're looking for fresh local food for you and your family, or run a restaurant, grocery store or lodge. Shop with us for your favorite local products! 

Summer farm shares




Our Farm Shares are available every summer. It is an100% Alaska Grown subscription-based produce box program. The summer season runs from July - October.


Shares are fully customizable with multiple size and delivery options. Add on meat, seafood or egg shares, and purchase additional produce and pantry items as needed each week.

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winter farm stand



The Farm Stand Store is our fall and winter outlet for local products.


Shop weekly and stock up on your favorite Alaskan produce, meat, seafood and pantry products. This is perfect for those who aren’t ready for a seasonal commitment or just want to see what we’re all about.  

Public pickup locations and home delivery options available.




We are your year-round go-to for local farm products for your restaurant, grocery store or lodge. 


We deliver directly to you in Anchorage and can ship anywhere in Alaska. Our convenient online ordering system makes it easy to see what products we have and what farms they come from, so you can give your customers the farm-to-table experience they're looking for.


"Wow-amazing box this week! Can’t wait to try the rest! So glad I switched from Full Circle Farm to your company!!"

-Julie J., Summer Farm Share Member

why eat local?
better quality & nutrition

Produce begins to degrade and lose nutritional value as soon as it's harvested, so the faster it gets from the field to your plate, the better it is for you. Our local products are harvested to order and typically aren't more than a couple days out of ground before you get them. In contrast, items on the grocery store shelves, which travel on average 2000 miles to get here, may be weeks old when you buy them. 

Supports Our Local Economy

Currently, around 95% of the food eaten in Alaska is imported, meaning  almost all of our food dollars are leaving the state. When you purchase local food, your dollars go directly back into the local economy. According to the Alaska Division of Agriculture, if every Alaskan purchased just $5 a week of local produce, that would amount to an $180 million boost to the Alaskan economy. 

increased Food Security 

We only have about five days worth of food on our grocery store shelves. Food shipped up from outside travels long distances and through difficult environments to get here, making our supply chain highly susceptible to disruptions from weather and equipment malfunctions. This leaves

our food supply vulnerable. Having a strong local food system in place makes us more resilient and less dependent on far away sources for our food. 

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