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New Potatoes w/ Parmesan and Fresh Herbs

New potatoes are the first potato crop to come available each season and they are known for their smaller size and tenderness. Normal potatoes are cured for a few weeks to thicken their skins and thus increase their storability. Not so with new potatoes. New potatoes are eaten fresh out of the ground, which means two things: First, it means that their skins are super-duper tender, often times so tender that new potatoes can be skinned with just a thumbnail. The lack of curing also means, however, that new potatoes do not store as well and thus should be eaten within a few days of purchase.

New potatoes make an ideal side dish, and one of our own favorite ways to eat them is boiled in a generously salted pot of water and then slathered in butter and whatever herb—dill, parsley, chives—is seasonal and available. But if you want to get slightly fancier with your presentation, try this recipe for Roasted New Potatoes w/Parmesan and Fresh Herbs. Plus, instead of butter, this recipe calls for olive oil, so you don’t even have to feel guilty about it afterwards!

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