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Grilled Garlic Scapes

Last week, we lovingly tucked the green tendrils of garlic scapes into your CSA boxes, and this week we are happy to say that we get to do it again. If you’re a biweekly member and didn’t get to experience them from last week’s box, let us begin by saying that garlic scapes are the green part of the roughneck garlic varieties that grow well in Alaska. The above ground scape part of the garlic plant is usually snipped off to encourage the plant to direct its growth into fattening up the bulb underground, and it’s one of Alaska’s most delicious agricultural by-products.

Scapes have a lighter, sweeter and less fiery taste than do garlic bulbs, a contrast that becomes even sharper when you cook or sauté them. That said, you can sub scapes for garlic in most any recipe, just know that to have the same garlicky kick, you’ll need to use three to four times as many scapes as you would bulbs.

You can also use scapes as a substitution for green beans, blanching them and then adding them to salads, or you can grill scapes, or add them to your next stir fry. You can add them to almost anything. If you’ve never tried them before, we recommend a simple preparation, like this recipe for Grilled Garlic Scapes.

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