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The range of farm products being produced in Alaska is impressive. Besides vegetables, Alaskans also produce meat, eggs, honey, mushrooms and even grains. Our goal is to showcase and provide easy access to the diversity of food available to us right here in the state. We do this by offering several add-on items with our produce boxes.

How it works

Our add-on items are only available to current produce box subscribers. Depending on the item & the season, these can be ordered either up front as shares to be delivered regularly or as one-time purchases throughout the season. You will see all share options when you initially sign up for your produce box; to make one-time purchases you must visit our webstore.

Egg Share:  Get fresh local chicken eggs delivered with each of your produce boxes. Egg shares tend to sell out quickly, so we recommend signing up for this option as early as possible. Cost is $7.50/dozen x number of delivery days.

Meat Share: Get a hand selected variety of local humanely raised meat delivered once per month with your produce box. Each delivery will include between 9 - 11 lbs of meat, in frozen, portioned out packages. Meat selection includes various cuts of beef and pork, ground yak, and whole roaster chickens. You will get at least two species per delivery. Example delivery: 1 whole chicken, 4 lbs ground beef & 4 pork chops. Cost is $90/delivery x number of delivery months. 

Holiday Turkey: Pre-order your pasture raised holiday turkey when you sign up for your winter CSA subscription. Choose between a November (in time for Thanksgiving) or December (in time for Christmas) delivery. Turkeys weigh between 11 - 15 lbs and cost is $6.50/lb.

One time purchases: Several of our meat products, as well as honey, are also offered as one time purchases. You can visit our webstore at any time to see current selections.  You must place orders by 11 pm Sunday for a delivery the following week. The webstore can be reached by signing in to your account and clicking on the "Store" button or by clicking below.

Add-on Items


We get our honey from apiculturist Melissa Heuer who has been beekeeping since 2011, a skill that was passed onto her from her mother. The honey is from her hives in Anchorage, just outside of the Chester Creek Greenbelt. The honey is raw, lightly filtered to maintain bits of pollen and never heat treated, creating a truly delicious and healthy product. With multiple harvests each season, the variety in color represents the seasonal changes throughout the year from light and springy to the darker colors of fall.


We get our chicken eggs from several local farmers, including Red Feather Farm and K & J Alaskan Farm in Wasilla, Four Tern Farm in Palmer and Midnight Sun Acres in Willow. Chickens are given ample space to roam are are well fed on a range of food from fermented local barley and pea silage, to food waste and garden scraps, to tasty insects and wild green they forage themselves, depending on the farmer. All birds are free of steroids and are only given antibiotics if they get sick, which is rare.


We get our whole roasting chickens from two farmers--Granite Peak farm in Sutton and Blood, Sweat and Food Farm in Homer. All chickens are well cared for with plenty of space to move around and access to the outdoors where they eat insects and wild greens as well as their feed, consisting of local grains.  You can enjoy this local chicken though our meat share subscription. 


Our pork is from rancher Terry Van Whye in Copper Center. His pigs are raised from only a few weeks old to slaughter age on his farm. They are free roaming pigs and are fed all natural feed including local grains. You can enjoy this local pork though our meat share subscription. Meat shares will include pork cuts such as chops, spare ribs, country style ribs, Italian & breakfast sausage, and roasts.


Our beef comes from Mugrage Hay and Cattle out of Delta Junction. Their cows are pasture raised on grass and fed local hay, barley, and pea silage in the winter, and grain finished for beautiful marbling. They raise some of the highest quality, choice grade beef in the state. You can enjoy this local beef though our meat share subscription. Meat shares will include beef cuts such as ground beef, ribs, brisket, roasts and a variety of steaks. 


We get our yak from Sunny Hill Ranch in Willow. They raise around 15 head of yak and do their own on farm breeding. When not eating grass in the pastures, their animals are fed locally grown hay and barley. Yaks don't get fat marbling like beef; all of their fat goes on the outside layer of their body making their meat quite lean. The flavor is similar to beef but with a mild, smooth, and almost sweet finish. You can enjoy local ground yak through our meat share subscription. 


Our local turkeys are free-range and raised on Phillips Farm in Palmer. Turkeys are a special treat we offer for the holiday season. You can choose between a November or December delivery to receive your bird in time for Thanksgiving or Christmas respectively--but honestly, we don't care when you enjoy them! We give first dibs to our winter CSA members, but will also open up sales to past summer members if there are enough to go around.

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